Understanding a Spiritual Life

and How to Live it Saturday January 9, 2021

This one day workshop will give you accurate spiritual knowledge with the potential to change your life and make it more meaningful. It can help you better understand your own life and the lives of those around you.

The content covers

  • Life on Earth

  • Spirituality and what it really means

  • Karma and how it affects your life

  • Choice and free will

  • Evolution

  • Intuition

  • The Spiritual World

  • The Cycle of Life and

  • Connectivity.

It is a day of information that can be incorporated into your life to create significant change, beneficial for you and for the people you interact with. The day includes materials for your ongoing growth including a booklet and guided meditations for you to take away.  Morning and afternoon tea are included.

Julia has been accredited by Sphinx Spiritual to provide this training.  Bookings direct to Julia at hello@symphisis.com.au or 0419305762.  Cost is $150.  Prior payment essential and can be made to Symphisis Yoga - BSB 083 789  -  Account No 8969 34876. Please add your name to transfers you make.

"I truly enjoyed the “Understanding Spirituality” workshop with Julia Symington.  It was extremely thought provoking yet comforting at the same time.  I was the youngest attendee and I felt very connected to everyone in the room. We were all interested in learning more about spirituality. Julia has a great deal of knowledge on spirituality and I am so grateful that I went!"

Caprisha Richards

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