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Spiritual Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge about spirituality, emotional healing, and teaching yoga? 


Are you already a trained 200 hour yoga teacher?


If the answers to these questions are yes, then Spiritual Yoga Teacher Training may be for you.  This course will focus on teaching men and women who are over 50, however, the principles of teaching Spiritual Yoga can be adapted to any age range.  


The course includes new knowledge, direct from spirit via Deep Trance Medium, Ian Rogers, and has been developed under the guidance of Ian and Pearl Rogers, Directors of Sphinx Spiritual.  The training is delivered by Julia Symington, who has been a yoga teacher for 30 years and has been studying spirituality with Ian and Pearl Rogers for 20 years.

Spiritual Yoga training includes new knowledge about yoga that is deep and meaningful, plus new knowledge about emotions, how yoga and emotions are connected, and how to help people heal from emotional pain. 

What is Spiritual Yoga?

Spiritual Yoga acknowledges every person is here on earth to learn and to grow.  Part of growth is accepting the things we need to change in our lives and the things we are unable to change. Spiritual Yoga is a way to help people grow when they are ready to do so.

Spiritual Yoga is designed for women and men of all ages, and invites people to understand and meet their needs as they experience more harmonious relationships during classes.  It helps you understand the connection that exists between all people and all things on earth and it encourages people to work together in an energy of peace, love, and mutual respect.

Spiritual Yoga is designed to meet the needs of people living and working today and facing the challenges of

  • high stress work and lifestyles

  • exhaustion, boredom, loneliness

  • poor health and nutrition

  • high level of disease


Naturally Spiritual Yoga continues to evolve to meet changing needs.


Spiritual Yoga acknowledges we live in a world where emotional health and wellbeing are compromised and provides a way to help you and others heal from the emotional difficulties experienced in life.  Included in the course is Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training, an invaluable modality when you have a desire to help heal the emotional pain people have experienced. It also provides an additional opportunity to develop an income stream.

"Hahnemann healing is a unique and specialised style of healing. It has its roots in ancient Egyptian spiritual wisdom and healing conducted for hundreds of years in the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Hahnemann Healing is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness. These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life. This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure. Hahnemann healers direct healing energy to precise points on the body using light finger touch and specific coloured energy. Hahnemann Healing releases negative emotions and increases love with lasting effect.”


When Spiritual Yoga teachers invite students to share the spiritual values of "equality, honesty, non-judgement and sharing of energy"; it brings a profound change to the energy in classes.  For example, when the value of equality is embraced, students become practitioners. It is uplifting and helps bring joy into classes and into our world. Put simply it is for people who are tired of feeling alone and isolated and want to belong, to be part of a community, to contribute, grow and be uplifted. 

"Wisdom equals simplicity and ego equals complexity."  Crazy Horse

How does Spiritual Yoga differ from other types of yoga.

  • People connect more easily with how they are feeling and with each other, creating a bond, a sense of belonging and a part of a community.

  • Classes are designed to help students feel happier and to become more resilient both emotionally and physically.

  • Simple language is used to describe poses.

  • It offers free choice; practitioners are guided rather than instructed and are encouraged to discover what best works for them.

  • It encourages people to be themselves and to step out of the background of conformity and rules.

  • Classes involve the practice of static and flowing postures, connected with breathing, music, and visualisation.

  • It encourages teamwork, creativity, and innovation; hence each class is different.

  • Props and aids may be used to change the atmosphere in classes. 

Spiritual Yoga allows each yoga practitioner the freedom of choice to decide their level of participation and how gently or strongly they wish to move their body on any day. There is a flow from pose to pose, connected with music and with breath to build strength and flexibility. 

Practitioners are encouraged to be expressive of who they are and to wear clothing they feel comfortable in and that reflects them and allows them to move freely.  Colours are a powerful form of expression and teachers will learn the meaning of colours and which colours will help and which will hinder on the journey through life.


Are you ready to find out more about how you can become a Spiritual Yoga Teacher and a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner so you can help people?

Spiritual Yoga Training includes two components, learning to teach Spiritual Yoga and learning to practice Hahnemann Healing.  Training modules include:

  • The History of Yoga

  • The Philosophy of Yoga

  • The Mysteries of Yoga

  • Body Awareness

  • Connecting Yoga poses

  • The use of music, props, and visualization

  • Understanding colours and their significance

  • Understanding the emotions connected to specific yoga poses

  • How to conducting specialist classes for participants to gain insight into their emotions

  • Hahnemann Healing practitioner training to help students, friends and colleagues heal and move forward from negative emotions, including theory and practice.


“Julia demonstrates expertise and is a kind and generous teacher and trainer.” Alexis Colgan

“Julia is a very knowledgeable trainer with a great depth of experience to draw from. I loved doing my Spiritual Yoga training with her.”  Constance Barker

On successful completion of the course, you will be an Accredited Spiritual Yoga Teacher and an Accredited Hahnemann Healing Practitioner.  Both modalities are recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT) and insurance is available through them.  

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