Hahnemann Healing Practitioner

Training and Accreditation

Do you have a genuine desire to help people grow?  Are you interested in learning more about spirituality and healing; how they fit together and how it can help you and your clients find more fulfilment in life?

Hahnemann Healing is emotional healing brought forward from Ancient Egypt to meet the needs of people today.  It recognises emotional wellbeing is an integral part of our overall health.


Training will appeal to you if you have a desire to learn more about healing and spirituality and to help others grow.  

The first day's inspiring workshop will give you an Understanding of Spirituality and guidance on the practicalities of how to life a spiritual life. This day underpins the practical and experiential training on the following 5 days of training. 

Hahnemann Healing can be an addition to modalities you currently offer or a new career opportunity.  It is a modality that has a natural synergy with yoga, massage and other activities connected with improving health and wellbeing.  It is deep, gentle and uplifting and is suitable for use with families, friends and colleagues as well as your future clients. 


Training takes place over 6 days and gives you the opportunity to practice giving and receiving healing, as you build skill and confidence and feel the benefit of receiving healing. Accreditation occurs after successful completion of the full 6 days of training.  Each year on reaccreditation you receive additional training, information and methodologies to continue your growth and to ensure standards are kept at a high level.

Ongoing support is provided, both for your practice and to help you develop your business.  Hahnemann Healing is recognised by IICT and insurance is available through them. 


The cost for the training is $775 which includes course materials and access to the App. Accreditation fee is $125 p.a.  A PAYMENT PLAN is available.

The value of Hahnemann Healing is recognised by its inclusion as a module in training to be a Yoga Spiritually Teacher. It might be a new career, or a new modality to add to the ones you already practice. You can make a difference in this world.

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