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“Thank you once again for the amazing nurturing workshop yesterday. I feel so much better today after sleeping well. I was wrestling with major emotional issues and in despair because I didn’t know what I could do to feel better.  Today I am calmer and will hopefully stay that way. "   

Tricia Olsen 



Nurturing is an essential need for all. Sessions are offered as workshops, privately in the Healing Room, or to meet a special need you have. 


Whether you feel fabulous and want to stay that way, or know you are becoming tired, run down and lacking energy, these sessions can help you feel more loving, peaceful and calm and better able to express your needs. They are for you and for those you care about.  

You may have a relative or friend who needs a caring and empathetic person, trained in healing, to provide support when you or other family members are unable to do so. Private sessions in the Healing Room, in your home or to meet your special needs can be organised. This is an invaluable service when family and friends are unable to provide this help themselves, e.g. when a family member is in supported accommodation. Or why not get the girls together for an afternoon or evening of spoiling? The options are endless.

Check events for the next group workshop.

Private sessions $90/hour in the Healing Room in Mornington or contact Julia 0419 305 762 to discuss your individual  requirements.

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