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Do you have a desire to make a difference in the world and to gain and share knowledge with others through teaching yoga and through healing? The next Yoga Spiritually Teacher Training course may be just what you are seeking. If you are seeking more spirituality in your life and wish to understand and connect yoga, spirituality and emotional knowledge, it can profoundly deepen and change your own practice and that of your students. For yoga teachers already trained and seeking further knowledge, recognition of prior learning may be applicable.   

What is Yoga Spiritually

Yoga Spiritually is an uplifting and contemporary style of yoga meant to help people cope with the high stresses of life today. It's for people seeking rejuvenation and more peace and harmony in their lives and it evolves to meet needs as they change.  It involves much more than physical effort and practitioners feel refreshed at the end of a class. The teacher guides practitioners towards a different experience in each class and your yoga practice stays fresh and engaging.

Spirituality recognises the connectivity of all things and a yoga class is no different. When practitioners share spiritual values of equality, honesty, non-judgement and sharing, it changes the way they interact and an atmosphere of trust, freedom and support is established. Practitioners are free to be expressive and creative and to ensure their needs are met. The outcomes are greater self knowledge, trust, sharing, teamwork, inclusion and community. There is more peace, harmony and resilience to deal with life’s challenges. Yoga Spiritually is not just for the spiritually aware. Everyone practising will gain a heightened awareness of their physical and emotional needs. 

Course participants can expect a growth in their spiritual energy during the course as they apply spiritual knowledge to their life.

Why is Hahnemann Healing included in the Training?

Yoga Spiritually training recognises  emotional well-being is an integral part of your overall health. In a world where anxiety and depression are rife, Hahnemann Healing is included to help people release specific negative emotions such as frustration, fear, guilt, regret, shock and sadness. Practicing Yoga Spiritually helps you and your students become aware of your positive and negative emotions. The training recognises the debilitating impact negative emotions have made on your life and how they prevent you achieving your best health and personal fulfilment. Hahnemann Healing helps to release these negative emotions and enables you to move forward in life and in yoga.  

How you can learn to Teach Yoga Spiritually

The Yoga Spiritually training course is conducted over 20 days and RPL may be applicable, The course content is organised into 3 modules and covers;

Hahnemann Healing is a deep, gentle and uplifting method of emotional healing.  It is an invaluable tool for yoga teachers to help practitioners release emotions they no longer need or wish to hold onto. Training is experiential and participants give and receive healing as they learn how to practice this modality. On successful completion of this module you are able to commence healing as an addition to what you already do.

  • Module 2 - Foundation Yoga - 10 days 

    • History and Philosophy of Yoga

    • Body Awareness 

    • How to practice and teach yoga poses

    • Yoga Breathing  

    • Anatomy and Physiology and its application to yoga teaching  

    • Practice Teaching

  • Module 3 - How to teach Yoga Spiritually - 4 days (Modules 1 and 2 must be completed before this module is commenced. ( RPL may be available for yoga teachers already trained in other yoga styles.)

    • Yoga Spiritually – how to apply spiritual principles to yoga

    • Encouraging creativity and expression through the use of music, props and connecting with others

    • Gaining Emotional Insight through Yoga

    • Understanding the energy of colours and how they can both help and hinder you

    • Teaching practice 


All modules are required to be completed before being accredited as a Yoga Spiritually Teacher, with Modules 1 and 2 being prerequisites for commencing Module 3. You will be an accredited Hahnemann Healer on successful completion of the Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training and can then practice as such.  You will receive further training and reaccreditation for Hahnemann Healing and Yoga Spiritually each year to ensure your ongoing growth.

Acceptance for the course is by interview.  Don't waste a moment as the next training course starts in January, 2020.  Interviews are available now with Julia Symington.  



The total cost for the course is currently $2,800 plus accreditation fees $125 pa for Hahnemann Healing and $125 for Yoga Spiritually 

The course will be conducted by Julia Symington of Symphisis Yoga and Healing. Symphisis means connection and over the years Julia’s yoga has been profoundly changed and enriched through the integration of her spiritual knowledge and Hahnemann Healing. Julia is a generous, supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher and trainer with a wealth of knowledge to share with you.  The course is accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and insurance is available through them.

Julia has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1996. Her original training was in Iyengar Yoga which provided a solid technical background. This foundation has been enhanced and enriched through the development and integration of Yoga Spiritually.  Julia's background includes 25 years in the corporate world plus the following qualifications.

  • Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia

  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment

  • Hahnemann Healing Practitioner and Trainer 

  • Hahnemann Healing for Animals

  • Diploma in Spiritual Counselling

  • Concomitant Healing practitioner 

Julia’s spiritual growth and development came under the guidance of Ian and Pearl Rogers of Sphinx Spiritual  in 2004 and Yoga Spiritually has been developed under their guidance.

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