“Yoga at Symphisis keeps me sane.  I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived.”

Lilian Lanarus

Yoga Spiritually

Yoga Spiritually is designed to help you feel safe as you deal with the physical and mental stresses of today’s life and thrive.  Classes continue to be available until the end of October 2021 via Zoom.

A resource is available for you on You Tube on the Symphisis Yoga channel.   At Symphisis we encourage you to work in harmony with your body.


Yoga is meant to help you overcome rigidity and inflexibility and discover joy and peace in an atmosphere where you feel able to practice in a way that’s best for you, free from competition and judgement. 


We specialise in helping people adjust to the ageing process.

We encourage practitioners to uphold the spiritual values of

equality, honesty, non-judgement and sharing